PRAKTIKOS is our three time yearly news letter that is dedicated to providing practical tips to improve your health, insights into our approach to healing and inspiring stories of people just like you who have regained their health, vitality and balance.



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Life in Balance

If you suffer from hip pain and have problems walking or sleeping we have solutions that don’t involve pain meds or injections and can get you back to living and enjoying life like you used to.

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Perils of Treatment

Both Medical and traditional Chiropractic care, carry an element of risk.  See
how our gentle healing techniques allow Mother Nature to aid in your
return to health.

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Reduce Swelling

Swelling can be both dangerous and painful. This issue discusses the causes and effective treatment for swelling caused by mechanical injury to the spine.

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Find a Doctor in Your Area

If you live outside of the Denver Metro area, here are four simple questions you can ask potential chiropractic providers to help you evaluate their brand of therapy.

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Success Stories:

If you are reading these words you are probably in the same condition as many of our new patients. You are probably sick and tired of being sick and tired. We understand that chronic problems and daily pain can rob anyone of their hope for a better future.

These stories are about people just like you who had been beaten down by the never ending grind of daily pain and a poor nights sleep. These stories are of people just like you who had felt that their condition was unknowable and untreatable.

These stories are of people who almost wished that they needed a heart transplant or anything that a doctor could see and touch and have a plan for fixing.

These stories are about people who were afraid of traditional thrusting chiropractic care. These stories are about people who had heard horror stories about a friend or a relative who was injured by the sharp snap and pop delivered by a well meaning chiropractor.

These stories are intended to demonstrate that you are not alone in your fear and despair.

These stories are intended to show you that your condition is understandable and fixable if a doctor takes the time to truly understand what the problem is and then uses gentle methods to correct it.

These stories are about a return to hope and a healthy tomorrow:

When Marlyne came to our office, she could barely walk. She had tried physical therapy, exercise, rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, MRIs and received cortisone injections. After several visits to our office she recently completed a major climb in Rocky Mountain Park and is looking forward to skiing this winter.

Laura, an R.N. had spasms and pain across her shoulders. Her neck always felt tight and weak, she reported her forearm felt tight and full, and her hand often fell asleep. Her jaw felt tight, and restricted, she experienced dull frontal headaches. The symptoms increased while she was trying to sleep. She had tried physical therapy, exercise, electrical stimulation, a TENS unit, anti-inflammatory drugs, massage, ice, heat, rest, danced, new pillows, hot showers, and aerobics — without any relief.

Jackie a grandmother of 4 wanted to waterski on her 60th birthday. Just one month after her injury and trip to the E.R., she skied again. Now she is able to do her favorite things: waterski and teach her grandchildren to ski.

Valerie's left hand kept going to sleep. This was a real problem because it was worst when she raised her arms above shoulder level and Valerie is a hair stylist. It was beginning to interrupt her sleep. She had also been struggling with horrible, debilitating tooth pain.

Bob's goal was to run the Leadville Trail 100. He recounts how when he was fifty three years old he "suddenly got old". Not only was he not thinking about running an ultramarathon, he was getting leg cramps in his calves just trying to run across Colfax to avoid being hit by a speeding taxi.

Jeff would rather be a professional golfer. When he came to our office early this year, his golf swing was in trouble due to his low back pain and spasm. In fact, the problems in his sacroiliac joints had unleveled the spinal foundation and were causing compensatory curvatures and muscle spasms in his neck. The pain radiated into his shoulder, left forearm, and hand. Needless to say, his game was suffering.

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