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Life in Balance

If you suffer from hip pain and have problems walking or sleeping we have solutions that don’t involve pain meds or injections and can get you back to living and enjoying life like you used to.

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Perils of Treatment

Both Medical and traditional Chiropractic care, carry an element of risk.  See
how our gentle healing techniques allow Mother Nature to aid in your
return to health.

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Reduce Swelling

Swelling can be both dangerous and painful. This issue discusses the causes and effective treatment for swelling caused by mechanical injury to the spine.

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Find a Doctor in Your Area

If you live outside of the Denver Metro area, here are four simple questions you can ask potential chiropractic providers to help you evaluate their brand of therapy.

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We have been using a unique form of chiropractic treatment for nearly three decades now. Although in school we were taught the same thrusting techniques that are normally associated with traditional chiropractic treatment, we abandoned them some time ago in favor of a newer more gentle and effective methodology.

Our emphasis on full body work and attention to the muscular functions necessitates longer treatment times. All therapy is scheduled in 20 minute increments in accordance with your individual requirements.

In addition to hands on work we nearly always use ultrasound to relax muscles and clean inflamed areas of swelling and congestion.

We also provide instruction in exercise tailored to you particular condition and treatment.

We provide expert guidance in the selection of the correct bed to ensure a full and restful sleep.

We provide expert advice on the selection of the best pillow and instruction on how to use that pillow to support the neck.

We provide on-site expert analysis of x-rays, CAT scans and MRI imaging by a trained radiologist.

We provide nutritional advice designed to speed healing and return your body to a healthy weight without dieting or deprivation.

We provide full body massage performed by fingers which listen to the needs of your body rather than imposing an external form learned by rote.

We provide a full service health care that realizes that your health comes from inside your body, not from inside a bottle.

We provide full body care not limited to the spine. If you are short of breath or feel bent over, we can lift your rib cage and return you to a youthful state and posture. If your feet are swollen and going numb with neuropathy we can clean them out and put a spring back in your stride. If you have osteoarthritis of the knees or hips, we can relax the muscles and stop the progression of pain.

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